The latest issue of Tobacco Reporter features an insightful article that highlights the mission, capabilities, and values of McKinney Specialty Labs. Within its pages, you’ll find a detailed exploration of our state-of-the-art 57,000-square-foot facility, boasting cutting-edge instrumentation that surpasses industry standards.

“[…] the 57,000-square-foot facility is equipped with some of the industry’s most sophisticated instrumentation, including machinery that less apportioned laboratories might only dream of. Jake Hilldrup, technical director of chemistry, points out some highlights. McKinney Specialty Labs is the proud owner of a Virtrocell model 48 v2.0, for example—an instrument that exposes cells directly to aerosols.”

In addition to our impressive infrastructure, the article delves into our steadfast commitment to confidentiality. Author, Taco Tuinstra, captures our stance eloquently, emphasizing our dedication to safeguarding client data.

“McKinney stresses that clients need not be concerned about the confidentiality of their data when the consultancy and lab work together. “Many labs generate data for multiple competitors and manage to maintain confidentiality,” he says. ‘McKinney RSA has served competitors while maintaining confidentiality, and so has this lab under its previous ownership. We have robust systems in place to maintain confidentiality. Plus, the only time the consulting firm is involved is when the client wants its services; the synergies are only leveraged at the client’s request.'”

For a deeper dive into our operations, values, and commitment to excellence, read the full article here!