In Vitro Toxicology


Our team of scientists has a robust understanding of both tobacco products and toxicological sciences. All testing performed in our toxicology department is conducted following GLP guidelines. These capabilities allow us to test products at various physical phases (gas, solid, liquid). We provide testing services to a wide spectrum of customers, including commercial, governmental, and regulatory agencies.

Regulatory In Vitro Toxicology Testing

  • Mutagenicity (Ames test (OECD TG471))
  • Genotoxicity (In vitro Micronucleus assay (OECD TG487))
  • Cytotoxicity (Neutral Red Uptake assay (OCED TG129))
Assay Type Bacterial Strain / Cell Line Guideline
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay (AMES) Bacterial Strain:
Health Canada
Neutral Red Uptake Assay (NRU) Cell Lines:
Balb/C 3T3
OECD TG129 (BALBc/3T3, A549, CHO-K1)
Health Canada (CHO-K1)
in vitro Micronucleus (ivMN) by Flow Cytometry “Cell Lines:
OECD TG487 (TK6)
Health Canada (CHO-K1)

McKinney provides in vitro toxicology testing of tobacco products, smoke condensate, and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) products (e-liquid and aerosol) and fulfills the requirements of:

  • GLP (21 CFR Part 58)
  • Health Canada
  • OECD testing guidelines for regulatory testing recommended by the U.S. FDA and International Regulatory Agencies.


Our clients benefit from both the quality of our testing and client-focused service including responsive turnaround, state-of-the art testing capabilities, innovative science and regulatory expertise.

Vitrocell® Aerosol Exposure System

McKinney Specialty Labs also has the capability to perform toxicology testing using Vitrocell® technology where cells are exposed directly to the smoke or aerosol. We have a specific in-line Vitrocell® exposure system dedicated for ENDS aerosol testing and a separate one for cigarette smoke.

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