Smokeless Tobacco Products (STPs)

Testing for Smokeless Tobacco Products


Smokeless Tobacco Products (STPs) allow nicotine delivery without combustion.

McKinney Specialty Labs offers a range of test methods for the collection and analysis of select compounds in traditional Smokeless Tobacco Products including chewing tobacco (loose leaf, plug, or twist), snus, and snuff (moist, dry, or in packets). These methods cover a range of compounds including nicotine and the FDA’s list of HPHCs. In addition, we conduct long-term stability studies and dissolution testing with artificial saliva.

Other related offerings:

  • Tobacco-free nicotine pouches
  • Oral nicotine pouches
  • White pouches
  • Gum

Testing Details

Our Smokeless Tobacco Product services fulfill the requirements of:
  • Health Canada
  • FDA (USA) 2012 Abbreviated HPHC Testing
  • FDA (USA) Substantial Equivalence (SE) Testing
  • Analyses consistent with the Gothia Tek® standard developed by Swedish Match

Below is a list of the FDA recommended HPHC testing that McKinney Specialty Labs can offer:

HPHCs in Smokeless Tobacco
Method Description
AM-031 TSNAs in smokeless Tobacco by LC/MS-MS: NAB, NAT, NNK, NNN
AM-052 Metals by ICP/MS: Arsenic, Cadmium
AM-072 Nicotine Content in Smokeless Tobacco by GC-FID
AM-125 Benzo[a]pyrene in Smokeless Tobacco by UHPLC
AM-238 Nicotine-N-Oxide in Tobacco by LC/MS
AM-240 Carbonyls in Tobacco by UPLC-MS/MS:Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Crotonaldehyde
Smokeless Tobacco Unique Testing offering
Method Description
MISC Pouch Dissolution Studies
AM-071 pH
AM-233 Water Activity in Smokeless Tobacco
TOX-011 Total Yeast/Mold Count – FDA BAM: 8ed. Ch18 Total Aerobic Plate Count – AOAC 966.23